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The Hesse General:

“He was one of the audience’s absolute favorites at the Concert Barn in Calden: Noah, the Lantern Lighter, swaying on his flexible meter-high lantern pole from side to side, nearly tumbling off onto the tables below, before once again being catapulted up to the roof top. It was so captivating that you had to hold your breath, but at the same time so funny, for Noah played the drunk, which only increased one’s own feeling of vertigo. It was a wonderful act and received a thunderous applause! Noah and his vertical Chinese pole: unbelievable, how this slight acrobat scaled the pole up to the lantern in most varied techniques and styles with nothing but pure arm strength. And his balance high above the heads of the audience was just incredible….”

The Osnabrück Newspaper:

“[Noah Chorny’s] routines captivate one not just with his show of skill and strength, but even more with the grace, lightness and ease with which he performs. As he juggles a “Devil Stick” with two little hand sticks, as he nimbly scales a bare pole to the tent roof, he a true virtuoso: seemingly without the slightest effort and despite gravity. [Chorny is] the top act of a truly world-class program….

Münster General Newspaper:

Noah Chorny was the secret star of the evening. A silent figure who expresses himself without using a single word, Noah’s incredible acrobatics and body control caused the audience to erupt in cheering storms. The way this New York lantern lighter from the 1920’s climbed the five-meter high mast with just one arm – the other hand was holding a burning match – made the audience stare in pure amazement.

The Westfalia Paper:

“Certainly the most spectacular act of the evening is Noah Chorny, pole acrobat and fire artist. His acrobatic performance on the pole is much more than a gymnast’s show of strength. In the lovingly staged story of the Lantern Lighter, Noah defies the laws of gravity when his perfectly trained body is held by sinewy arm muscles perpendicular to the pole.”

The Upper Hesse Press:

“The star of the evening was another: Noah Chorny from New York has the makings of the crowd favorite. The artist climbs a lamp pole so skilfully that the audience does not stop being amazed. For Noah walking up a vertical pole is as problematic as walking down a sidewalk is for a normal person. Simply sensational! In addition, Noah is also an excellent clown. But go see him live and let yourself be amazed!”

Porsche Times about a Porsche Gala: 

“The first show highlight of the evening was Noah Chorny, the Lantern Lighter, who performed fascinating acrobatics in the style of the 1920’s. While climbing a 5 meter-high lantern pole Noah defies the laws of gravity: poetically, comically, and with incredible ease. This New Yorker artist, who incidentally won a performing arts prize on German national television, has fascinated people all over the world in countless cabaret and TV shows, just as he did on this evening in the Porsche Center in Karlsruhe.”

The Cologne City Times:

“The spectators soon found out why a lantern was standing in the middle of the audience. The New Yorker Noah Chorny is a specialist in vertical pole climbing. Using only his hands he pulled himself up the five-meter high mast, and then slid down it head first, slowing his fall only with his feet. He held himself in the horizontal “flag” position on the pole for many seconds. And when he finally lit the lantern, he was guaranteed to get a huge applause.”

The Aachen Newspaper about “Telefoon:” 

“Lucky were those who didn’t miss the next attraction: the cheeky New Yorker Noah Chorny—charmingly mischievous and irresistibly funny—Chorny’s side-splitting gags on the market square always came to a sudden stop when his private telephone, perched high on top of his acrobatic pole, started ringing. Simply marvellous, how this sinewy American cheerfully chattered his way up the steep path to the phone. The audience laughed and joined in whole-heartedly. A glorious entertainer!

Heilbronn Voice:

“Laughed yet today? No? Then go to the Doc and ask for Noah. Imported fresh from the USA. Drives off the deepest depressions and is good for your heart and eyes, too. The idea is simple, the equipment essential, and the comedy show is charmingly straight from the heart. Whether vertical, horizontal, or one-handed, this bubbly American comedy artist amazes one and all with his hair-raising climbing stunts on the tall metal pole. …The acrobat hangs from a foot-loop at a dizzying height, floating in seventh heaven. His cheeky, mischievous charm and constant repartee with the audience are hilarious….”

The Cologne City Times about “To-do-loo:” 

“Noah didn’t have it easy. A very human need was pressing him, but the solution to his problem – a toilet – was perched on top of a five meter-high pole. The acrobat’s incredible efforts to reach his goal amused and delighted young and old alike. Even the professionally grim-looking security guards could not help but crack a smile.

The Cloppenburg Newspaper:

“Noah does not say a word, his expressions tell it all. The loudspeakers resonate with tunes of jazz and tango, inspiring him to do a small dance with a mop and a pole. But it doesn’t help: Noah needs to go! Noah climbs towards the sky holding onto a sheet of 10-ply toilet paper. While in a handstand he opens the toilet seat, slips and then falls head first into the toilet bowl, much to the delight of the heartily laughing audience.”

The Emsdetten Daily Paper:

“Noah Chorny’s act as a lantern man from the 1920’s was just as thoughtful and nostalgic as it was elegant. The American performed acrobatics on the five meter-high lamppost as if gravity was nothing more than an absurd physical theory.”

The Hannover General Newspaper:

“Noah performed gymnastics under the roof of the cabaret theater G.O.P. Hannover. That is how high his lantern pole was, on which he climbing in the most unusual ways in his effort to light the lamp. Noah climbed it upside down and using only the strength of his arms.”